Pornstar: "Jaxton Wheeler"

  • Hairy stud Jaxton Wheeler fucks Mike De Marko

    Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko kiss passionately and Mike can’t keep his hands off Jaxton’s Herculean body. Mike De Marko kneels and sucks on Jaxton’s big, uncut dick, licking his balls along the way, and Jaxton Wheeler responds with a deep face fucking. Mike bends over, exposing his tight, hungry ass. → Read More

  • Jaxton Wheeler fucks Roman Todd

    Roman Todd wakes up in a stranger’s room after a long night of partying. Confused, he walks into the bathroom and finds Jaxton Wheeler, showering his furry body. Roman apologizes for the intrusion but Jaxton doesn’t mind one bit. In fact, he invites Roman to join him for a quick sprinkle. After a little convincing Roman decides to rinse off. → Read More

  • Hairy Daddy Jaxton Wheeler fucks Nicoli Cole

    In the final installment of this collection, Nicoli Cole’s father’s debt has been cleared by his whoring son, however he underestimated how greed would take him over. The stories of young Nicoli’s abilities have made the rounds through the John community. → Read More

  • Zeb Atlas & Colby Jansen take turns fucking Jaxton Wheelers

    Military themed Series “Tour of Duty” continues with a beefy threeway.  Big and beautiful Zeb Atlas & Colby Jansen take turns slamming their cocks deep inside Jaxton Wheelers muscle butt. → Read More

  • Johnny Rapid gets double-fucked, again

    “Happy Hour” is one of those orgy scenes that will leave you wishing it was real!  Johnny Rapid gets blindfolded and gang banged by Aaron Bruise, Haigen Sence & Jaxton Wheeler. → Read More

  • Ty Roderick fucks Jaxton Wheeler

    Ty Roderick and Jaxton Wheeler are feeling uncomfortable about a script run through because of a gay kiss. Just as Ty is ready to quit, Jaxton persuades him to push through and try the kiss. → Read More

  • Team USA Part 3

    The private locker room for Hockey Team USA gets hardcore as Jaxton Wheeler, Travis James & Tom Faulk take on the olympic gold asses of Jake Wilder & Asher Hawk. → Read More

  • Jaxton Wheeler fucks Asher Hawk

    US Olympic Hockey star player Jaxton Wheeler is having some muscle pain that massage therapist Asher Hawk is only too happy to work out! Before long, Jaxton is feeling better and pounding Asher’s tight ass! → Read More

  • “There’s Something About Johnny” part 5

    Johnny Rapid gets banged by four of his lovers in the final episode of‘s “There’s Something About Johnny” series. → Read More

  • Jaxton Wheeler fucks Johnny Rapid

    Former nerd Ty Roderick regrets the opportunity he missed in college when he stood up Johnny Rapid. → Read More

  • Colby Keller returns with a flip flop hardcore fuck with Jaxton Wheeler

    It’s been a while since we’ve seen Colby Keller and he’s looking awesome. Tall and lean, he’s got that hairy muscular jock look that everyone goes crazy for. And so handsome. We asked him what he would like upon his return to Randy Blue and he said he wanted something in a sexy beefy hunk with lots of muscle. → Read More