Caio Veyron fucks Gabriel Vanderloo

Caio Veyron and Gabriel Vanderloo

Latin Machofucker Caio Veyron is back and this time Gabriel Vanderloo is his partner in crime. Gabriel loves huge cocks and he’s eager to get Caio’s monstercock up his ass!

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Sebastian Kross fucks Killian James

On The Lookout Episode 1: Perfect Timing

Sebastian Kross wakes up hard and horny so he steps out onto his balcony to see if anyone is out cruising. He spots Killian James on the street below and invites him up to start his day off with a hot fucking session!

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Roman Todd fucks Nicoli Cole

Runaway Part 1

Nicoli Cole has ran away from his old life hoping to build a new identity.He meets Roman Todd, and both guys immediately click. Nicoli wants to have Roman in his bed, so he calls him over, hoping a good fucking session.

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Austin Wilde barebacks Brett Beckham

Brett takes Austin raw

Austin Wilde and Brett Beckham are clearly into each other, grabbing and kissing passionately. The sexual chemistry between these two was perfect, especially when Brett knew he’d be taking Austin’s huge cock and load.

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Gage Owens barebacks Zeno Kostas

Gage Owens And Zeno Kostas - BrokeStraightBoys

Gage Owens is a newbie on BrokeStraightBoys, he’s never fucked a guy before, and he’s gonna learn how to suck cock and fuck a boy’s ass! Zeno Kostas is his teacher, and even though he’s not looking forward to bottoming, he’s keeping an open mind to cumming hard.

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Jimmie Slater and Nick Cross flip-fuck raw

Jimmie Slater And Nick Cross Share Their Raw Cocks

Jimmie Slater’s hard work at the gym has paid off! He is a lean and sexy man with a perfect six-pack! Nick Cross is a personal friend of Jimmie’s, and he also has a great body! Both guys immediately get down to business, kissing and groping each other until they’re hot and horny.

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Four straight men enjoy a group wank

Four Straight Lads Life Drawing Class - Uncut Cocks are Soon Erect, Sucked & Shooting!

Four straight men take an art class where Cameron Donald is the life model. Tyler Hirst, Aaron Janes and Wesley Seaton have to draw him! The drawing goes ok until the lads are requiring more “package”, so Tyler pops a banana in Cameron’s boxers!

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James Castle and Lucas Fox bareback Alejandro Dumas

Bare To The Bone, sc. 5 - James Castle, Lucas Fox, Alejandro Dumas

James Castle bumps into Lucas Fox and Alejandro Dumas cruising on the street. James is horny and he decides to follow the couple home. It’s not long before powerbottom Alejandro gets on his knees and starts to suck and worship James and Lucas’ huge cocks.

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Straight Lad Josh Hathaway gets Fucked by Chris Little

Straight Lad Josh gets Fucked by Chris & Two Huge Impressive Cum Shots!

Straight lad Josh Hathaway and Chris Little immediately get down and dirty, grabbing each other’s bulges until they’re hot and horny.

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