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    Brent Everett fucks Eric Clark

    Eric Clark, and the godly Brent Everett are snorkeling when they find a private beach perfect for some hot fun. Eric can’t help but to wrap his lips around Brent’s thick, perfect cock. → Read More


    Erik Franke and Hector Agusti double-fuck Yuri Adamov raw

    Hot-house deep throat suck leads to torrid cum-&-piss finale! → Read More


    Sam Williams barebacks Lukas Leung

    Is Sam Williams being deliberately provocative when he visits Lukas Leung’s sauna? Certainly he seems to go out of his way to openly flaunt his assets as he flits between the toilet and the hot-room – a fact that Leung cannot possibly fail to notice given that at one point Williams runs past the fellow with his → Read More


    Jay Rising and Adam Herst tag team Travis Stevens

    Jay Rising stops by to visit his friend Adam Herst who has something to get off his chest. He tells Jay that he recorded his stepson, Travis Stevens, getting fucked while he hid in his closet. Jay doesn’t believe it and wants to see the video for himself. → Read More


    Sean Duran Barebacks On Camera For The First Time Ever

    Sean Duran barebacks on camera for the first time ever, and he chose Lucas Entertainment as the studio to make his debut. When a special occasion like this comes around, someone with true gay porn chops is needed to make sure the encounter is a success. → Read More


    Tim Kruger’s monster-dick impales 20 yo twink Cory Prince

    Cory Prince is only 20 years old but he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it! He asked his friend Allen King, who shot with us before, to give us his contact details and show us his photos, because he wanted Tim Kruger‘s cock. Of course Tim could not resist a cute Twink with such a sweet ass. → Read More


    Josh Hesketh Sucks Cock for the 1st Time

    Tall and blond straight hunk Josh Hesketh is trying something new today and having received in his last shoot such a good massage from Cameron Donald it is his turn to do a little work today! → Read More


    Austin Wilde barebacks Andrew Collins

    They’re back! Andrew Collins and Austin Wilde really, really enjoy fucking each other, so of course they had to get it on camera again. → Read More


    Alex Greene fucks Toby Springs

    Hands all over each other, cock rubbing and undressing… Alex Greene and Toby Springs are off to a sexy start in this scene! They take their time getting to the oral, but once Alex gets on his knees in front of Toby and puts that cock in his mouth, he works that thing until it’s full and hard, making it grow wit → Read More


    Straight Porn Stars Jimmy Clay and Jordan Levine do some hard gay fucking

    Jimmy Clay accidentally shaved the beard off of Jordan Levine. He was not too happy. So he decided to get revenge on Jimmy by showing no mercy on his ass. But first they started off with some hot cock sucking. Jimmy Clay has a perfect cock, and Jordan could not help but get hard as he sucked on it. → Read More


    Paddy O’Brian fucks Dakota Vice

    Dakota Vice and Paddy O’Brian go back a long way but Dakota never bothered to visit Paddy in prison. Instead, he began working for the man responsible for Paddy being put away. → Read More


    Rocco Steele fucks Flex

    This is a real highlight! Rocco  Steele‘s supercock meets Flex‘s superbutt. → Read More


    Letterio barebacks Gabriel Fisk

    Letterio‘s back and he’s horny, we give him the run of the stable to satisfy his bareback cravings, this time he wanted a brand spanking new hole to ruin. Gabriel Fisk is a strapping Spanish guy with a broad, chest, VERY sensitive nipples, and heavy, dark, uncut cock and a 6mm Prince Albert. → Read More