Pornstar: "Eli Hunter"

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    A young slut and his roomie like to throw “come and dump” parties. They let the door open and wait for big cocks. They find guys online and invite them to come over and fuck them raw. → Read More

  • Max Sargent fucks Eli Hunter

    Max Sargent is heartbroken as he fears his handsome son, Tom, might actually be straight. With his husband out of town, Max finds comfort in the arms of the charming Eli Hunter. Thankfully, he starts to feel more himself as he stuffs Eli’s willing mouth with his thick, fat cock. → Read More

  • Eli Hunter gets abducted in the woods and made to swallow country cock

    Deep in the woods of Northern California, a couple horny locals cruise along the windy road until they find a hot stud walking all by himself. They try to pick the boy, Eli Hunter, up but when he refuses they veer off to the side of the road and jump him from behind. → Read More

  • Helpless stud’s torturous ordeal at the hands of a twisted pervert

    Adam Herst is busy in his workshop as helpless Eli Hunter lies bound to the bed with duct tape around his mouth. Adam slowly approaches the boy and tears a hole in his jeans to observe his perfect ass before shoving a spider gag in his mouth to swallow cock. → Read More

  • Horny cruisers cover a bathroom slut with cum and piss

    In a bathroom full of horny cruisers, bound Marcus Isaacs is wheeled in with a spider gag in his mouth. The guys line up on both sides of the room and take turns pushing Marcus across the room as both of his holes slide right onto their hard cocks. → Read More

  • Austin Wilde fucks a straight boy

    Austin Wilde saw Eli Hunter‘s bubble butt and knew he wanted to fuck it deep and hard. He’s straight and never experienced getting fucked. His girlfriend fingered him once, and he kinda liked it. Once back, they made out and sucked each other’s cock. → Read More

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