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  • Architect’s Dream

    Today we have an architect that loves to design BIG buildings. Until today he has yet to experience what he likes to call the « biggest building ever ». By the looks of his face and Castro‘s cock, he definitely seems really intimidated by the size of his structure, lol. → Read More

  • Fairy Tales Come True

    Today we have a newbie named DJ who said he doesn’t believe in fairy tales and dragons and shit. So I ask him a few questions like what is the biggest he has every had, you know typical shit, he told me 8 or 9. → Read More

  • 20 Plus Inches Of Hell

    We only promise one thing here on and that is PAIN! We brought back Castro’s partner in crime Izzy to double team this guy Jacob. Jacob is a young white guy who obviously is very impulsive because I don’t think he thought this idea through a 100%. → Read More

  • Twenty…Scared… And Hungry!

    This episode of stars a little 20 year old white boy named Alex and of course The King of Ding-a-lings… Castro Supreme. This little fucker loves to suck black dick. He also likes being impaled with cocks and dix bigger than his limbs. → Read More

  • Double Dick Destruction

    Boy oh Boy… Break out the lube cause you guys are gonna love watching two hung black guys stuff this little white dudes holes. → Read More

  • Castro Is A Magician!

    This weeks It’s gonna hurt is a doozy. We brought in this little Spanish fucker to get his prostate examined unfortunately for him this routine check up might have caused more damage than it was worth. Castro buries his brown log balls deep in this little Princesses Asshole. → Read More

  • Youngster Gets An Ass Fucking

    So let it be known that Castro Supreme’s cock is no fucking joke. This guy’s job is to destroy assholes and plumbing systems. We got another anal victim named Jacob; this guy had tears of joy blowing Castro’s fat dick. → Read More

  • Screaming For Joy!

    This site is no fucking joke. We brought in this dude Tony Douglas. Tony craves black dick. He receives what he craves right up his tight little asshole. → Read More

  • White Boy Gets Owned!

    This update of It’s Gonna Hurt features Castro Supreme and some little white dude that’s trying to prove something to his prostate. This little fucker gets cracked in half by Castro’s mammoth sized cock and then he gets mother fuckin loads dropped on his face. → Read More

  • Clayton Was Scared!

    LOL… I always think it’s funny when people cum to take Castro’s Dick in there ass. There facial expressions say it all. This guy Clayton came to us and during the beginning of the shoot he was literally shaking. → Read More

  • Savage Asshole Stretching

    A lot of people ask… « Is this Real? », « Is Castro’s Cock that Big? » Well, my friends… go ask Noah Brooks, the latest victim on It’s Gonna Hurt. Noah always wanted to try a big black dick. → Read More

  • Alex Hilton & Castro

    Alex Hilton can’t wait to see Castro Supreme‘s huge cock. Not only will he get a chance to touch a cock of that size, but he’ll also know what it feels like having a giant cock shoved up his tight ass. → Read More

  • Doing It Big!

    Payton‘s a bit nervous about interviewing for It’s Gonna Hurt. Who wouldn’t be! Having a cock shoved up your ass that’s big as a bat isn’t easy. Especially when Castro Surpreme’s dick hooks to the left. → Read More