Jackson Klein fucks Jordan Pierce

Two new faces greet us on CircleJerkBoys.com this week as we welcome Jackson Klein and Jordan Pierce. ordan is studying when Jackson walks in demanding a band-aid. Jordan doesn’t have one so Jackson tells him to kiss it to make it better. He gives in and one kiss won’t due as Jackson’s cock grows with every kiss on his imaginary booboo. Jordan undoes his pants and gets a closer look at Jackson’s hard on. “Whoa, that’s huge!” is Jordan’s reaction once he frees it from its cotton confines. He opens wide as Jackson shoves it inside. Jordan savors that dick, taking his time to pleasure Jackson’s throbbing meat. Jackson then pulls his meat out and bends to kiss Jordan. They make out a bit before switching as Jordan watches Jackson suck cock. Jordan moans as he watches Jackson on his knees taking his dick all the way. hey take turns sucking on each other before Jackson gets Jordan’s legs up and goes to town eating that smooth ass out. “Fuck me” Jordan begs as Jackson slides his ! thick dick inside missionary. Jordan grimaces trying his best to accommodate Jackson’s cock. Jordan grunts and groans in a combination of pleasure and pain as he gets that ass used. Jackson then gets Jordan on all four as he gets back in that ass doggy style. Jackson slows it down for a bit but it isn’t long before he’s back to slamming that dick deep inside Jordan’s hole. Pile driver is next as Jordan gets on the floor and presents that sweet for more pounding. He fucks his hole slowly as Jordan jerks his meat off. Jackson’s fat dick is hitting him in all the right spots for a change as Jordan shoots all over himself. Jackson then pulls out and unloads all over Jordan as well.



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