Pedro Paliza, Italian Stud

Butch Dixon is based in London, England; but the masculine man porn site does a fair bit of filming outside the U.K.. He just got back from a filming stint in Barcelona, so you can be expecting a hoard of hot Spaniards to hit the site in the next few weeks. But on a recent trip to France, Butch Dixon stumbled into Pedro Paliza, a hairy-assed Spanish man with a juicy and meaty uncut cock. Pedro was actually born in Spain, but he’s living in France at the moment. And Pedro did quite a bit of filming with Butch Dixon. He’ll be appearing in two suck and fuck videos over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, you can check out his gallery and watch him pulling and tugging on his foreskin. And check out that hairy ass, it’s big and beefy, and it looks pretty hot when a big cock is plunging into Pedro’s furry fuck hole.



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