Molesting your str8 friend while he sleeps

You’re out drinking with your straight friend; Yes, the one that doesn’t know you’re gay, the one you’ve had a crush on since the first time you started hanging out at the gym, the one that probably will never know all the nasty thoughts that go on in your head every time you jerk off thinking about him. He is in your house and he is passed out drunk on your bed. Finally that moment arrived for Alan. He takes the chance and starts uncovering the sheets, caressing his pecs and his hairy pits, smelling his breath almost kissing his unaware buddy, licking his pleasure trail until uncovering his big hard-on. What is he gonna do? Is he going to have a little taste of that juicy cock? What if his buddy wakes up? What’s gonna happen then? Alan is going to take the risk tonight and explore his straight passed out friend hoping he’ll never find out the truth.

It’s the morning after and our brave Alan decides to touch Gaston one last time before he wakes up, but this time he isn’t so lucky and he’s caught by surprise.. Gaston is pissed. What will happen next? Will Gaston leave, beat Alan up or will he give him what he deserves?

Starring boy next door Alan Efron and sexy straight for pay Gaston Jimenez, which for the first time left his solo appearances and agreed to be shot next to another fella!




  1. Alain

    2010/10/10 at 5:40

    Je viens de voir les extraits un peu court a mon gout et j’ai des doutes sur l’hétéro c’est qu’une mise en scéne il est pédé comme un phoque et la mise en scéne nocturne j’y crois pas vraiment un mec qui se fait sucer se réveille forcement là il bouge pas à mon avis il est plus gay qu’hétéro

    • marc

      2010/11/02 at 23:38

      Il faut faire la distinction entre la vraie vie et les films. Ce sont des acteurs qui jouent des rôles…

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