Reese Rideout fucks Cayden Ross

From RandyBlue : “It’s about time we had Cayden Ross and Reese Rideout hook up. Reese who’s been with us for a while and who’s cock and ass should just be made a national treasure, and Cayden who’s muscular tattoo’d body and hungry hole are quickly becoming Randy Blue favs. The house we were shooting in was beautiful and the guys’ bodies are both looking better than ever. In setting up this shoot we started having a conversation about meeting guys online. With so many web applications making hookups so easy the chances your next trick could live two doors down is not such a strange idea anymore. I gave the guys this idea and let them roll with it. They had a lot of fun with it but in the end waste little time getting to the hardcore hotness. After deep throating Reese’s tool, Cayden bends over and offers up his ass. Reese gives it a good tongue bath, knowing full well a little rimming always prepares a hot hole. Reese then fucks him so hard he’s about to explode. And you can tell he’s loving it by the way he can’t stop moaning with pleasure. Reese takes a little break from the ass pounding and does his best to deep throat all of Cayden’s gigantic beer can cock. All it takes is a couple of licks before Reese is rock hard again and ready for another crack at that ass. Fucking Cayden with such force that he finally has to whip off the condom and shoot his load all over. Cayden’s not far behind sooting his own sticky puddle of jizz on those six pack abs of his.”



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