Marco Blaze in Flux

As shades of red and green fill the curtains behind him, Marco Blaze rubs his smooth, muscular body on stage—his giant bulge ready to burst out of his trunks. Marco rubs his groin and flashes his buff butt for an admirer watching in the distance. Marco then unleashes his beast, his big meat filling the screen. He sits down and strokes, working over his vein-filled foreskin in a gorgeous shot. The voyeur is soon revealed to be smooth and tan Slade, whose big boner peeks out of his trunks. Slade walks over to the podium, his cock throbbing up and brushing against Marco’s meat in a stunning shot: their two uncut slabs touching as they kiss. Slade falls down and opens wide, his lips stretching as he tries to engulf Marco’s thick shaft. Slade feasts on Marco’s hole over a bench, jacking his own meat as he eats out his bud before whipping and stroking their cocks together. The action excites tall and muscular Andreas Cavalli, who watches as his cock fills his yellow swimsuit.



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