Johnny Angel & Dawson Riley @ Randyblue

From Randyblue : “Have you ever been in one of those situations where you’re trying to get ready for a night out and your boyfriend is just too horny to let you get away.  Johnny Angel actually inspired this shoot because while we were getting ready I kept catching him putting the movies on Dawson Riley.  And Dawson, being the horny guy he is wasn’t exactly pushing him away.  At one point I yelled ‘save it for the cameras’, and then it hit me… what a great idea for a video.  I held them off each other just long enough to get to the bedroom and then set the scene for them.  Dawson is trying to get ready while Johnny wants him all to himself.  It’s always a great video when the models are really into each other.  And Johnny is usually into anyone I put him with.  That guy is a total horndog and I love him for it.  Dawson looks amazing and getting him in the shower with the warm water glistening over those beautiful muscles made for an excellent start.  And when he flashes that smile of his it makes everyone around him melt.  These two looked so hot together, especially with Johnny sitting on Dawson’s chest going down on him while Dawson chows down on his incredible bubble butt.  Plus, having Johnny’s darker skin tone wrapped around Dawson’s creamy white body is a stunning effect, especially while they passionately kiss.  And my favorite moment of the whole video is when they do an enthusiastic 69 before they each shoot their big sticky loads.”



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