Leo Giamani tops Devin Draz

From Randyblue : “Devin Draz and Leo Giamani are two names that have been popping up in conversation lately.  Usually in sentences like ‘when are Devin and Leo gonna get it on?‘ and ‘Can you please get Leo to fuck the shit out of Devin?‘.  So far be it from me to keep you guys in suspense much longer.  I put these two mountains of muscle together and let the sparks fly.  Watching them make out while running their hands and tongues all over each others gigantic pecs is such a turn on.  They loved rubbing their muscular bodies together so much that it wasn’t long before they were naked and Leo was getting a face full of Devin’s beautifully curved cock.  Of course he had his hands full working his own gigantic dick just wanting to get a crack at Devin’s… well, crack.  He eases the beast slow and steady into Devin’s tight hole while Devin does his best to accommodate it.  His face is a mixture of pleasure and intensity as he gets fucked by the biggest dick he’s ever had, and Leo takes it all in stride.  After his mind has melted in a haze of sweat and lube, Devin dumps a huge load of cum all over his smooth abs just seconds before Leo joins him.”



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  1. Jjgg744

    2011/04/19 at 7:36

    I prefer the “straight” Devin Draz as a bottom for his mixed, painful/pleasurable moans when he’s getting plowed by a big, hard cock.

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